Our Services

24/7 Control and Support Service Centre

The control service centre provides a 24/7 unit that monitors and tests units to ensure that they are working from a recovery perspective. They also have the added benefit of responding to various signals which may indicate that a theft has taken place. Even if our customers are in a different country we will do our very best to ensure that their vehicles will be recovered should they be faced with unforeseen circumstances as the 24/7 control unit is connected to all other Cartrack franchise control centres. This is provided on all Cartrack units with a stolen vehicle recovery module.

The support service centre allows customers to call in 24/7 for troubleshooting, training or simply a how to question. We are here to assist you with any queries that you may have anytime, every time. This service is setup for customers using Cartrack products as well as Cartrack fleet units. At Trac-King our customers come first and we guarantee impeccable service delivery from our dedicated team at all times.

Bureau Service

Bureau Service allows Trac-King to do all the monitoring for our customers. We will monitor the system for you ensuring that our customers save money and help fix the problems without the added stress of having to justify overheads of hiring someone to do it for you or having to do yourself. We will take the worry away by ensuring that you have a well set-up system in place at all times. We can customize it according to a customer’s needs and requirements, and would include report runnings, fleet unit checks, report analysis and summaries. At Trac-King we have the added advantages of providing advice on poor driving behaviours that need to change as well as set up alerts, geofences and points of interest.

In House Recovery Teams Across the Country

At Trac-King we have highly qualified and dedicated recovery teams specifically trained to recover vehicles which are spread across the country ensuring that our customers are not waiting for hours to receive our services.

Cross Border Recovery

Not only can we provide our services locally but we are proud to announce that we can also locate your stolen vehicle across the border through our Cartrack franchise partners based in those countries. With Trac-King we will do our very best to have your vehicles recovered from our highly professional teams and service deliveries within Zimbabwe and further.

External Support

Mobile support teams that can train, troubleshoot and provide you tips and guidance in your office. This is available across our entire product range.