Cartrack Fleet Management Plus

$79 - Quarterly Subs
$35* - Rental

  • Combines the successful recovery CT Plus with a fleet management component upgrade
  • As well as all the CT Plus capabilities which provides the customer an online account to view vehicle data
  • This unit is suitable for vehicles, trucks, buses and yellow machines
  • Live and historic Trips
  • Reporting and alerts on driver behaviour, speeds, braking, accelerating, idling and turning
  • Trip distances and durations
  • Geofences and points of interest plus more
  • Reporting is based on speed, direction and time leading to far more accurate mileage readings than pure time based systems
  • Online account allowing you to view the account from any flash enabled device connected to the internet
  • Viewable through the Cartrack Smartphone App
  • *Rental price subject to a 36 month contract and T&C’s apply.
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Product Description

This product is a pure GPS/ GPRS tracking device specially designed to provide customers with great data for managing fleets, keeping track of your family and recovering your vehicle when stolen. It provides all the fleet capabilities of the Fleet Management Plus for those vehicles and machines that have a low risk of theft.

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